The dual duel is a bouldering competition that will require teamwork and strategy to win! 

As usual, the well-planned circuit finished by noon is not an option. The competitive pair with the strongest muscles, best skin, and biggest egos may have a slight advantage, but it will take more than the power of one to win...


Competitors will again visit the expansive Hospital Boulders, and face the challenge of several brand new boulder problems. The twist will come with a different area that will contain problems that will be new to the majority of competitors. Will it be Sand Rock? Moss Rock? Desoto Park? You will have to wait till March to find out. The twist will definitely challenge the competitive teams, and create a one of a kind climbing competition.


Teams of two will travel through the climbing area completing as many problems as they can in their category.

Problems will be counted in pairs. Partners must complete the same quantity of problems in order for them to count towards their total score.

No "divide and conquer" action here. Team members must be within spotting range if their partner is climbing. 

Hold up your end of the couch, bro! Each competitor must do 1/2 of the problems on score card for the team to receive credit. This means if your partner climbs 10 problems but you only climb 5, your team will only receive credit for 5 problems. 


With the recent pay off of Hospital Boulders our project for this year is Palisades Park in Oneonta, Alabama. Since the early 1980’s climbers have frequented the city park enjoying the 100+ traditional routes. In the late 1990’s bouldering was discovered on the slopes that border the park. This area is included in the current Horse Pens 40 Bouldering publication.

Last year climbers learned of a potential problem on the horizon at Palisades Park. The land we had assumed was part of the park was actually privately owned, and up for sale. Luckily Palisades Park and the Access Fund quickly moved into action making arrangement for park acquisition. The climbing area was saved, but a $30000 debt was left to be paid.

Our goal this year is to donate all profits to the park to help pay off the debt. The Palisades land manager has always been very supportive of climbers, and our hope with this mission is to solidify our continued presence in the park. We can make it happen.


Beginning……. V0-V3 climbers
Seasoned……… V4-V6 climbers
Bad Ass……….. V7-V10+ climbers
Master Blaster.... No V limit. Do the most problems
Geriatric ………. Both birthday's before 6.16.1970

When: 3/14/15 and 4/11/15

Where: First Avenue Rocks and Hospital Boulders

Cost: $100 per team covers both comps. $75 for individual comp.