The Bouldering Authority sees the potential in all of our young climbers and we believe that they are the future of our sport.  

We have created a coaching program that builds your child’s confidence as well as their physical fitness. Each practice session includes warm-up exercises, skills drills, and climbing games to help your child become an all-around strong climber. Low instructor to student ratios allow for a more individualized coaching experience. 

Summer Kids Coaching

Our very own Kathleen Kryger will be offering private coaching for 2 hour classes this summer. Classes are limited to 5 kids and are on Mondays and Wendnesdays.  

  • May 28th through June 30th
  • The cost is $10/class for members and $20/class for non-members.
  • Beginner Class 10am-Noon
  • Intermediate Class Noon-2pm

Call B2 for more information or to sign up!         205.201.4616